How to Choose the Best Virtual Data Review Platform

When selecting a VDR provider, you should look for an intuitive interface that is user friendly and easy to navigate. The more accessible the platform is, the easier it will be for clients to use and the less likely they are to make errors in due diligence which could delay the transaction. Consider whether the VDR comes with features like drag and drop uploads, full text search and optical character recognition to accelerate searches and make files more easily findable. Also, consider live chat to make collaboration easier even when teams aren’t in the same room.

Take a look at whether you can determine if the VDR includes features to ensure the security of files like the ability to block specific folders so that only certain members of the team have access to the files. This is particularly helpful when you’re dealing with sensitive information that is best kept between a limited group of people. Furthermore, a great VDR has tracking capabilities which show how frequently team members are looking over specific documents and the amount of time they’re putting into them.

Look for reports that are at-a-glance that gives executives in the C-suite an overview of the most important data points they can use during meetings. Some VDR providers allow you to customize your reporting to match corporate branding, giving an appearance that is more professional. You’ll need to determine how adaptable the VDR is across different platforms and devices. A good VDR will be compatible with major operating systems, without the need for complicated setups or multiple plugins.

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