How to Hold a Successful Board Meeting Online

Due to the influenza pandemic and the flu pandemic, more board meetings are now held online. Remote work is likely to be a permanent change in the way board members function. It is therefore crucial to ensure that your meetings are productive and engaging. This article will give simple guidelines you can follow to improve the quality of your meetings via virtual.

Set clear goals for every item on the agenda. This will prevent you from the unnecessary repetition of discussions and ensure that all meeting participants are satisfied with their contributions. It’s also important to clearly determine if a topic is intended to gather information, provoke discussions, or come to the right decision to ensure that your group doesn’t continue discussing the same subject when it’s been dealt with.

Make sure that board members test their Wi-Fi and audio/video equipment prior the meeting to ensure that it can begin smoothly. Additionally, it’s a good practice to remind your attendees to silence themselves when they aren’t speaking in order to reduce background noise and avoid distractions.

Post the minutes of every meeting on your portal, and then send a link to your board members via email. This will help keep everyone on track and boost accountability between meetings. Boardable is a dedicated board management program will help you organize every board document and organize them all in one place.

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