How to Prepare a Board Meeting Agenda

An agenda for board meetings provides a roadmap for productive discussion and efficient decision making. The best method to create an effective board meeting agenda is to adhere to an outline and format with the most crucial sections being listed at the top of the list. The most frequently used agendas for board meetings contain an order to order, approval of minutes from the last meeting, committee reports, new business and old business.

Make sure that the agenda for your board includes supporting documents for each of the items on the agenda. This ensures that all attendees are aware of what’s being discussed and gives them a chance to review the information beforehand. Include time limits on each item on the agenda to ensure that meetings do not be overly long and important discussions aren’t left unanswered or rushed.

Appoint a responsible person prepare an agenda for the board meeting and share it with the rest of the board members prior to the scheduled meeting. This allows them to review the documents needed for the board meeting and prepare their answers.

The meeting will begin with a call to order, which allows the chair of the board to greet attendees and provide an update on the status of preparations for the meeting. The next step is to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Then, you can review any changes to the agenda made by board members after the meeting was announced. This is followed by an allocated section for strategic planning, and an closed executive session (if necessary). The meeting is adjourned.

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