How to Prepare a Presentation for the Board Meeting

It’s important to understand what your audience is expecting when you create a presentation for the board meeting. Typically, a presentation for the board’s meeting is designed to either: a) keep them up-to-date on a particular area of business or b) provide data and information that allows them to go further into a particular topic to help them make strategic decisions.

Board members are busy, taking on multiple roles and responsibilities all while supporting the success of their company. It’s not expected of them to discuss every detail of every report or project – and that’s okay! Board meetings are for big-picture discussions that impact the goals of the organization and its value in the long term.

This knowledge can assist you to move beyond shallow or repetitive reporting and into strong storytelling, which inspires useful discussions and important decisions. It’s also important to ensure that your audience comprehends the language that you employ. For instance If they have no familiarity with a certain industry or approach, it’s best to avoid using any terms that are not understood by the audience.

Before you present, think about if it’s appropriate for you to incorporate any humour in your slides. It’s essential to consider the audience and not spit out any jokes that might not work, especially if you’re presenting on something like budget cuts or redundancies. Be aware of the non-verbal communication within the room. 70% to 90 percent of it is non-verbal.

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