Hybrid Board Meetings

As board members return to in-person meetings the hybrid board meeting is the new standard. This new method allows the meeting to be held in person and remotely simultaneously which reduces costs and increases accessibility. It is crucial that your company establishes a set of meeting standards and expectations, regardless of whether you prefer all-virtual or in-person meetings, with remote attendees. To achieve this, it’s important to ensure that the www.itsboardroom.com/selecting-and-developing-board-leadership-how-to-choose-the-right-leader/ technology is working properly and clear guidelines are in place for participation.

Hybrid board meetings don’t come without challenges. Certain board members may be discontented that they aren’t permitted to interact with each other in the same room, or think that their contributions are less meaningful since they can’t provide face-toface context to their colleagues or their remarks. Experts in meeting management recommend that you take proactive measures that support collaboration. These include opening virtual rooms to encourage interaction prior to and during meetings, as well as during breaks. You can also use tools such a board portal to centralize your board’s activities.

The most frequent issue is the various levels of technical expertise among board members. In the end, remote participants may be not included in the meeting or their participation might be limited due to poor audio, poor video, or a suboptimal internet connection. Training your board members on how to use the technology and ensuring they have access to reliable equipment prior the meeting will help them overcome these issues effectively.

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