Best Practices for Remote Merger and Acquisition

It’s not unusual for business leaders to combine or buy companies to expand their businesses. However, when the companies are based entirely or in part remotely it can be an interesting mix. This article will look at best practices for successful mergers and acquisitions.

If a company is purchased, the buyer will often offer cash, stock, or a combination of the two to buy the target business’s assets, and also assume its debt. This is a more straightforward option than a full takeover, since the acquired company’s name and its organization remain.

However, the acquiring firm will need to integrate its culture into the one that is targeted to be successful in integrating. This will require an extensive due diligence process up front. Particularly for remote work era businesses, this can be a problem. Employees won’t have the opportunity to get together over cocktails or establish new relationships during a team building event and must be quickly brought together to allow the M&A to succeed.

A clear and concise integration plan in the beginning is essential to M&A success. It is also essential to establish a team that will oversee the preparation and execution of that integration. This team is sometimes called an IMO (Integration Management Office) and should be composed of both internal and external experts. This group can keep the integration process on track, provide expertise and accountability for the process. It could also serve as a source of truth in the process of transition for employees.

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