What Age Are You Capable To Marry In Thailand?


Getting married is a giant step in one’s life. It is a wonderful union between two individuals who love and cherish each other. However, before tying the knot, it is necessary to perceive the authorized necessities concerning the age at which one can marry. In Thailand, like many different countries, there are legal guidelines in place to protect people from getting into into marriage at a too younger age. So, what’s the legal age to get married in Thailand? Let’s discover out.

Legal Age to Get Married in Thailand

In Thailand, the legal age to get married is dependent upon the sort of marriage one needs to enter into. There are two types of marriages recognized by Thai legislation – civil marriage and traditional (religious) marriage. The legal age for each sort of marriage is completely different.

Civil Marriage

A civil marriage in Thailand is a marriage that’s registered with the local district workplace, also referred to as the amphoe. The authorized age to enter into a civil marriage is 17 years previous for both men and women. However, both parties need to obtain consent from their parents or authorized guardians if they are beneath the age of 20. This consent may be obtained by way of a written doc or https://www.outlookindia.com/outlook-spotlight/thai-mail-order-brides-find-a-thai-girl-for-marriage by showing with their parents on the district office.

Traditional (Religious) Marriage

A traditional marriage in Thailand refers to a wedding ceremony conducted according to non secular customs and traditions. The authorized age for conventional marriage varies depending on the spiritual beliefs and practices of the couple. For instance, in Buddhism, probably the most practiced faith in Thailand, there isn’t any specific authorized age for marriage. It is mostly accepted that people should have reached the age of consent, which is 15 years previous, and have the consent of their parents or legal guardians. However, it is important to notice that different spiritual establishments might have their very own guidelines concerning the age of marriage.

Foreigners Getting Married in Thailand

For foreigners who want to get married in Thailand, the legal age requirements can also range relying on their house nation’s laws. It is crucial for foreigners to examine with their embassy or consulate in Thailand to know the authorized requirements they should fulfill so as to get married.

Child Marriage in Thailand

While the authorized age to get married in Thailand may be clear, child marriages nonetheless happen in some cases. Child marriage refers to a marriage where no less than one of the events is beneath the age of 18. Despite efforts to prevent youngster marriages, it continues to be a priority in Thailand, especially in rural areas.

Causes of Child Marriage in Thailand

There are several components that contribute to baby marriage in Thailand, together with:

  1. Poverty: Economic hardships and lack of alternatives can lead families to marry off their daughters at a young age as a approach to alleviate monetary burdens.
  2. Cultural and Social Norms: In some communities, there’s a perception that marrying off daughters at a younger age protects their honor and ensures their future.
  3. Lack of Education: Limited access to schooling, particularly for ladies, can lead to early marriages as families might consider marriage as an various alternative to education.

Consequences of Child Marriage

Child marriage can have extreme long-term consequences for these concerned, particularly the young women. Some of the consequences embody:

  1. Health Risks: Young women who get married at an early age are more likely to expertise complications throughout pregnancy and childbirth. They may also face a better threat of contracting sexually transmitted infections.
  2. Limited Opportunities: Child marriage usually results in the discontinuation of training, limiting alternatives for personal and professional improvement.
  3. Gender Inequality: Child marriage perpetuates gender inequality as girls are forced into grownup roles and obligations at an age when they should be enjoying their childhood.

Efforts to Address Child Marriage

The Thai Government, along with various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international businesses, has taken steps to handle the issue of child marriage in Thailand. Some of the efforts embrace:

  1. Legal Reforms: The Thai Government has elevated the minimal age of marriage to 17 and is working in course of elevating it additional to 18 to align with international standards.
  2. Awareness and Education: NGOs and government businesses are conducting consciousness campaigns and providing training to communities in regards to the penalties of kid marriage. This includes selling the significance of training and empowering younger ladies to make knowledgeable selections about their future.
  3. Poverty Alleviation Programs: Economic interventions and poverty alleviation packages purpose to improve the livelihoods of families and scale back the economic pressures that lead to child marriage.


The legal age to get married in Thailand varies relying on the kind of marriage. While civil marriage has a minimum age requirement of 17, traditional marriage could vary depending on spiritual customs. Child marriage stays a priority in Thailand, despite efforts to handle the problem. It is crucial for the Thai Government, NGOs, and worldwide agencies to continue their efforts to raise consciousness and provide assist to eradicate baby marriage and make sure the well-being and future opportunities of younger girls.


1. What is the authorized age for marriage in Thailand?

In Thailand, the authorized age for marriage is 17 years previous. However, these between the ages of 17 and 20 require each parental consents to legally marry.

2. Can individuals under the age of 17 get married in Thailand?

While it isn’t legally potential for individuals below the age of 17 to marry in Thailand, an exception can be made beneath special circumstances with court docket approval. The courtroom will think about components corresponding to being pregnant, the couple’s intention to stay collectively, and parental consent earlier than granting permission for marriage.

3. Is the minimum age for marriage totally different for Muslims in Thailand?

Yes, the minimal age for marriage is different for Muslims in Thailand. According to Islamic regulation, Muslims are in a place to marry on the age of 15 with parental consent. If a girl reaches puberty before the age of 15, she will be in a position to marry with the permission of the Islamic Committee.

4. Are there any exceptions to the authorized age for marriage in Thailand?

In exceptional circumstances, the District Chief Officer or a courtroom may grant permission for people under the authorized age to marry whether it is deemed in their best curiosity. This may require providing valid reasons corresponding to being pregnant, parental consent, or the intention to reside collectively.

5. What are the implications of marrying under the legal age in Thailand?

If somebody is discovered to have married below the authorized age with out correct consent from dad and mom, the marriage may be declared null and void. Additionally, those involved in arranging such marriages might face legal costs for violating the Child Protection Act.