50 Fun Icebreakers for Office & Virtual Meetings 2024

The more connected your teammates, coworkers, or employees feel, the more effective and productive the group becomes. Across many industries, working from home and an evolving environment of hybrid, distributed, or remote teams has become the norm. To facilitate discussion, you can pull up a photo of an emotion wheel. But feeling frustrated arises from not being able to obtain something you want. This classic icebreaker works just as well online as in real life, though I’ve found it most effective in breakout rooms. The most interesting conversations that arise from this game are often about discussing the two truths that came up, rather than simply finding out if we’re right or wrong.

Our list of 35 different virtual icebreakers and team-building activities for 2023 have all been tried, tested, and enjoyed by team Slido – even by the introverts among us. Charades is among the best quick virtual team building icebreakers to brighten participants’ moods. Here is a list of virtual team ice breaker ideas to help remote teammates socialize. What’s one thing you want to achieve so bad that you sometimes spend sleepless nights thinking about it?

celebration ideas for virtual & hybrid teams

No worries if you don’t have much time before your next team meeting. After everyone enters the meeting room, ask them to grab one item from their desk or office space. Each person will explain the item’s background, why they have it, or why it matters to them. It’s another type of icebreaker that prompts conversations people wouldn’t typically have.

quick ice breakers for virtual meetings

21 questions is a great icebreaker for small groups, but you can adapt it for larger groups too. Just get people to ask icebreaker questions in the comments sections, and keep an eye out for correct guesses. Pull together a shortlist of three or four hypotheticals to ask your meeting guests.

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Next, allow all groups a couple of minutes to discuss the topic before coming back to the main room to share what each pair talked about. Our People team has recently done a wine-tasting icebreakers for virtual meetings call and it was a great team bonding experience. It’s about taking a break from everything for a while and enjoying quality time with friends or colleagues over a cup of coffee or tea.

  • Everyone can say one thing their families celebrated during any time of the year to reminisce about some of their favorite memories.
  • It gives guests a place to jump into the conversation with you, and vice-versa.
  • If you’re about to host a meeting that requires some creativity, this silly icebreaker will get your employees thinking outside the box.
  • Moreover, discussing vacation plans can help to create a more laidback and positive atmosphere, encouraging everyone to be more open and honest with one another.
  • Word association icebreakers are an excellent way to foster creativity and get to know each other better in a fun and meaningful manner.
  • To play, the facilitator will assign each member a number as they join the meeting.
  • No worries if you don’t have much time before your next team meeting.
  • Some video conferencing tools include breakout rooms as a feature, which is super helpful when you have a lot of attendees.

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